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I also hate concerts! So freeing. And saves a lot of money too!

Best spouse apps: Anylist. We have one for the market, the pharmacy, the hardware store, Costco, etc. As soon as someone realizes we're out of something, drop it on the list. The next person who goes to that store already has a list. Amazing.

Also I love LastPass (there are many password apps) for all the passwords it takes to live in this world. We can link our accounts for our shared passwords (Netflix, HBO, etc) and it has a built in safety if your partner is sick or passed away, you can request access to all passwords; if the partner doesn't respond in a certain amount of time, the data is released to you. Very very helpful when someone passes away, so get it for your parents NOW.

Honorable mention: we keep a free, basic trello board of movies/TV we want to watch. We have a "for consideration" list, and the other person can look, see if they're interested, and then move it to the Husband Watch List or the Wife Watch List. Now I never have to remember if he wants to watch something, and have a built in on-my-own-time watch list of things I know he doesn't care about.

I can apparently project manage anything including marriage!

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Thanks for the insight and the careful read! The whole caring less part, hoo boy it's a journey.

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